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Ceramic Coating in Houston

Detailing | Tint | Paint Protection | Wraps

Our founder Mike Norng is a nationally recognized trainer who has taught installers all over the country how to detail with his advanced techniques, industry trade secrets, and his highly sought-after efficiency training. Mike has been detailing since 2005 and all our installers are highly trained by him.

We continue to invest in providing the highest standards for detailing in the Houston market. Our investment includes attending SEMA and other conventions to learn new products, tools, and techniques. With the various changes in the industry, we are committed to using the best products and practices to enhance your automobile's finish.


Our professional team has mastered many auto detailing services including:

  • Meticulous interior detail

  • Show car detailing

  • Paint correction - Menzerna & Rupes

  • Ceramic coating - IGL Kenzo Master Applicator

  • Ceramic Pro - Certified Installer

  • Contamination removal - Nanoskin

  • Paint protection film

  • Window tinting


Visit our website for an in-depth understanding of our services. As industry leaders, we are Certified and Insured. We are always educating and training to improve our skills with your high standards in mind.  

You can see our picture of our work thru Instagram: @midtownmotortrends @autofilmspecialist and @ceramicprohouston

We would be honored to be your Detailing Specialist!

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